My name is Brittneé Davis- DeVane Owner & Creator of what you know now as Girl and Moon Shop.

For most of my adult life it’s been a dream of mine to run and operate a candle shop. While time & time again I tried to start my own business I allowed life to get in the way.... now knowing that it won’t eve feel like the “perfect timing” to take such a risk, I have to thank God for divine timing.

After some healing, growing, & soul searching my “little vision” evolved over time. When I create, I am always filled with love & gratitude. Everything I create is an expression of gratitude to God, the Universe, & my ancestors. Don’t be afraid or timid you were gifted a talent, use it!

Thank you so much for allowing me to share my gifts of love with you all. I pray that you are all well.

Blessings & Best wishes,


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