How much milk mixture do I put into my bath?

We recommend putting 1/4-1/2 a cup per bath.

Are the products safe for children?

Everything is natural &/or organic, all bath items are safe for everyone from infant to the elderly.

Am I able to use all items together?

Absolutely, everything was made so that they can be used together and not be overwhelming to the senses & skin, however when doing so I do recommend you scale back on the amount of salt soak & bath milk used.

What is a spiritual bath?

Spiritual baths are a mixture of dried herbs & flowers; it’s a form of cleansing. They're meant to be a sort reset button for your energy, and they can even help you set meditative intentions. Traditionally the herbs are steeped on the stove top or just in room temperature water for a number of days, then in the shower or outdoors you pour the pot/bucket over you... However with the kind our shop provides you have the ability to let it steep while you bathe and relax. I do recommend to listen to your body afterwards if you need water or have certain cravings.... give your body and spirit what it requires.

What is a palo sant stick and how do I use it?

It is a smudge stick considered “holy wood." You light it with a candle, match or lighter. Allow the Palo Santo stick to burn for 30 seconds or so, then carefully blow it out. Move around the space in which you wish to cleanse.

What type of wax is used in the candles?

Our candles are made from soy wax.

Do your wicks contain lead?

Our wicks are 100% cotton and contain no traces of lead.

Are your candles vegan and cruelty free?

Yes, our candles are 100% vegan friendly and cruelty free, as they do not contain any animal products, nor have they been tested on animals.

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